Christine Hand Made Bobbin Lace 100% Cotton Ladies HandkerchiefZoom

Christine Hand Made Bobbin Lace 100% Cotton Ladies Handkerchief

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Wide elaborate Hand Made Bobbin Thread Lace adorns this soft 100% White Cotton Ladies Handkerchief. The lace on this handkerchief is so delicate it is amazing these are still crafted by hand. You won't believe your eyes!

If you are not familiar with this type of lace, bobbin lace is created entirely by hand using a very time intensive technique that requires lots of threads on little wooden bobbins, nimble fingers, and a sharp attention to detail! It is a fascinating art which results in exquisitely detailed thread lace.

This Ladies handkerchief makes a treasured gift appropriate for a Bride as well as for many special occasions like a baptism, confirmation, or wedding anniversary. This would also make a thoughtful personal gift for a treasured friend.

This handkerchief measures approximately 10" square. Hand Wash and Air Dry is recommended. 100% Cotton

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